It’s said that marriages are made in heaven, but they Bond together on earth. Our story is no different, I was an ordinary boy who got married to an extraordinary girl. Ours was an arranged marriage, but it was not a typical arranged marriage. I met Suha (my wife) last year. The most ironical part about our arrange cum love marriage was that we worked in the same building for the past 4 years but never had a chance to meet. Well, it was an ordinary morning on an ordinary Sunday, but I think God had planned something special for me. Our meeting was fixed by our parents and we decided to spend some time together to know each other. This was the first time in 4 years that I was speechless and meeting her. I was overwhelmed by her beauty and brain.
So it was finally a yes and our dream to get married came true. It was the month of November 2015 and the date was 15, we wanted to have a royal marriage and it all came true with Kabir Events by our side. From the welcome gate to the stage, we had everything adorned and embellished with things that reminded us of the great Rajwada weddings. Everything was hand picked meticulously to re-create the magic of a royal wedding. There was no better way to make our marriage bond get social acclaim action than to get it done by Kabir Events.

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when you have something to demonstrate, there’s nothing more prominent than a test!

Occasions and their special needs –Β  these are our focus of undivided attention and we implement sound reasoning and relevant thinking in understanding and comprehending the pragmatic parts of occasions in current as well as unforeseen situations.


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An event lasts a day, memories lasts forever.

We also keep a sharp eye on detours that the occasion management industries take behind the scene and investigate wisely what goes behind the emergence of a magnificent event. This helps us stay on the occasion from start-to-finish, providing on-the-spot solutions for contingent situations making it rise above all difficulties like a pro. We trust in this quote, ‘when you have something to demonstrate, there’s nothing more prominent than a test!’

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